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Our clients say...

At Starts Consulting, we focus on implementing effective and personalized

marketing strategies for your business.

Online Performance Optimization

Our services range from digital performance assessment and marketing enhancement strategies to offering insights into user experience (UX) design and delivering solutions for both web and mobile user interface (UI) design.

Launch a product/service

“Working with Lena has been fantastic. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm has helped take our business to the next level thanks to her in-depth digital analysis and market research.”

Wesley Baichu - CEO Tohcan

London - UK

Assess the market

Lena’s work was fantastic and the result was above the expected target. We are happy to carry on our collaboration.

Olivier - CEO Eptica

Paris - France

Market Research

Our approach includes a range of techniques, from PESTLE and SWOT analysis to market segmentation. We delve into competitive intelligence and use marketing mix modeling to tailor strategies. Whether you're looking for fully customized solutions or shorter, more concise options, we'll meet your specific needs.

Marketing Strategy

Our approach includes the creation of marketing plans focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR). We focus on effective positioning and messaging to reach your target audience. In addition, we design acquisition programs and develop powerful promotional campaigns to strengthen your product's presence on the market.

Design a marketing plan

“Lena designed a powerful MarCom strategy plan for the Thales Digital Factory helping the group to accelerate its digital transformation through doubled KPI results. She also helped the team streamline processes in a timely fashion.”

Amelie - Communications Manager Thales Digital Factory

Paris - France

Community management

“Working with Lena and Manon is easy, straightforward and results-driven. It's in the name, Starts Consulting provides an excellent baseline to get you on a journey in the right direction with your company marketing.”

Annmarie - Founder, Project Good Work

San Diego, CA - USA

Marketing Operations

We provide services from creating compelling content to setting up social media accounts, managing your online community, and providing detailed performance reports to keep you informed every step of the way.

Team Mentoring

Our solutions range from live mentoring sessions that provide real-time advice to market-based use case exploration. We'll also help you design a team performance plan tailored to your needs, and develop tracking tools to monitor progress accordingly.

Team mentoring

“Lena's support is fully customized. Her to-the-point recommendations make Starts Consulting a strong ally in designing marketing plans!”

Pauline - Subscription & Box Product Manager Le Petit Ballon

Paris - France

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