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How Does ChatGPT Impact Marketing Services?

I have gotten that question a lot recently and when my collaborator raised her concern at the office this week, it was the perfect time to write my experience down about the arrival of ChatGPT’s AI conversational technology in our business.

Mostly any kind of facts, figures, and processes are covered by ChatGPT. The access to that vast and almost endless pool of information comes in as a permanent personal or professional guide you can consult anytime for any type of questions. While comparing the tool to our business cases and clients’ needs, it undoubtedly and tremendously helps marketing experts pull more information, faster.

However, we are aware that limitations may come up while using that tool. Marketing consultants remain an incomparable source of knowledge and experience for businesses:

1. Time is what matters with marketing services. Skills can be acquired but do companies have the resources and bandwidth to do the research, train themselves on every marketing specialty, reconcile the data and interpret it to specific business cases and environments? We evaluated the time gained thanks to that platform to 30% (Starts Consulting) while running our market research. Keeping the product or service’s end-users at the heart of the analysis with multiple data sources (internal and external) leads companies to set up a customized and efficient go-to-market strategy.

2. Unfortunately, ChatGPT’s end users can barely do fact checking at the moment as sources are not clearly displayed. Analysts should always be able to provide sources of any information used to run an analysis. Knowing that a basic entry-level market research counts 50 different sources on average (Starts Consulting), the marketing strategy is built on strong and data-proven foundations and not on a simple business intuition. Even though it will be updated soon, as of today; Data released after 2021 is not yet available on some tools (OpenAI) which limits the accuracy of fast-evolving marketing related information. Making sure to complete research with other sources of information is substantial to design an accurate marketing strategy.

3. Out of all the information provided by the platform, what is considered as ethical to use in marketing practice? By opposition to an all-automated information pull, human marketers can be biased sometimes and the risk is for their bias to be reflected in an analysis. However, they have to follow a set of laws, jurisprudence and ethics backed up by their experience in a specific field of activity with a specific type of audience. This is a crucial advantage for human marketers to filter the appropriate and compliant content used to target clients.

4. Humans’ capacity to understand based on their familiarity with language's subtlety and the choice of keywords while verbally communicating with other human beings make them one step ahead (to date). Given one specific phrasing of a query asked over ChatGPT, the model may understand one aspect of the question and by tweaking and changing one term, the answer may be corrected to a whole different meaning. A marketer knows about their business’ and market’s particularities while interacting with their clients hence supersedes a digital query, in that case. The tools’ keywords and queries suggestions may also not adapt to the context of the conversation in some cases or orient the analysis in expected directions instead of letting the imagination wander out of the box.

5. Behind the marketing content creation, a continuous analytical work of the demand’s needs and offer’s trends is key. Can ChatGPT replace marketers’ proactivity and creativity? Is the question that pops up into one's mind equally important to the answer? Can the tool initiate the thinking process at this stage? Creativity starts from an idea that usually generates a question in one's mind in a specific state of mind, at a specific place, and at a specific time with a unique set of experiences.

We are looking forward to sharing more details as the tool evolves (API that will help businesses to connect it with internal analytics software for cross-sources data analysis, AI-created visual templates etc.). ChatGPT is an incredibly useful, powerful and complimentary technology. Our consulting services will evolve as we will be using them: Faster research with more in-depth data.

Can the tool create the same level of constant evolution and environment variables as humans? We make sure to keep our strategy expertise and high marketing content writing’s customization and quality at the core of our services.

Lena Baudo | Digital Marketing Nomad helping companies and non-profit organizations grow their business through marketing intelligence and actionable plans. My motto is to begin with the end: no data analysis = no effective decision.


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