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Unlocking the non-profit industry's development

Non-profit overview

The Non-profit organizations industry has been on a steady rise, with a notable increase in value over the years (standing at approximately $276.72 billion in 2022). This growth is partly fueled by economic expansion in developing regions and a rise in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Companies are now more inclined to embed social and environmental concerns within their operational frameworks, positively impacting the non-profit sector.

However, the industry faced a setback in 2022 due to the global pandemic, which enforced lockdowns and economic slowdown worldwide. Despite this, non-profits showcased adaptability by swiftly transitioning to digital platforms to maintain operations and engage with donors. The utilization of mobile technology for donations and the adoption of analytics have emerged as significant trends, enabling better resource allocation and donor interaction.

Globally, the non-profit sector is vast and plays a significant role, the U.S. alone hosts over 1.5 million registered non-profits, employing roughly 11.9 million individuals and contributing significantly to the economy.

Non-profit marketing trends for 2023

Increasing digital strategies: The transition to digital platforms has become more crucial for non-profits, especially in facilitating online donations and engagements.


Gen Z engagement: With Gen Z growing up, their readiness to contribute to society has become apparent, creating a new audience for non-profits.


Social media shift: Diversifying social media channels beyond just Facebook to platforms popular with younger generations like Instagram and TikTok.


Understanding and leveraging analytics: Non-profits are increasingly turning to analytics to measure the impact of their campaigns, understand donor behaviors, and improve their marketing strategies.


Formation of partnerships to drive change: Forming partnerships with corporate entities to tackle societal challenges through innovative approaches.

A little story

Project Good Work originated from the aspiration to engage in projects, programs, campaigns and initiatives that enlighten and inspire individuals to pursue positive transformations in their lives, their families, their communities and society as a whole.


The initial phase in our non-profit project involved understanding the market potential, customer's preferences and competitor strategies. Insights obtained were pivotal in crafting a tailored digital marketing strategy.

With a well-charted content calendar and engaging social media posts, the organization we worked for relaunched its social media campaigns successfully. Resulting in a 36% rise in LinkedIn engagement in just one month, and a 30% rise in Instagram reach.

Starts Consulting - Project Good Work_edited.jpg

“Working with Lena and Manon is easy, straightforward and results-driven. It's in the name, Starts Consulting provides an excellent baseline to get you on a journey in the right direction with your company marketing.”

Annmarie - Founder Project Good Work

San Diego, CA - USA

A dedicated marketing team for your project

Social media marketing

Unveil the potential of your non-profit organization on social media. With our  strategy, we transform followers into loyal supporters of your cause.

Website audit

An audit on your website and online tools evaluates your current marketing impact and recommends the areas where you should focus on to achieve your goal.

Market research

Deep dive into your non-profit sector with a comprehensive market research. Understand trends, stakeholder preferences, and competitive landscape.

Marketing strategy

No cause can promote itself. Gain supporters, traction, and funding with our market insight-based plan. A strategic approach to propel your  organization forward.

CSR marketing

Elevate your non-profit organization with our CSR marketing approach, blending social responsibility with mission advancement. Make an impact that resonates.

Search engine optimization

Boost your online visibility: Rank higher, reach more supporters of your cause, and develop the potential of organic search.

Paid advertising


Extend your non-profit's impact with our targeted paid advertising campaigns. Drive sales, and get the best ROI from every penny of your ad budget.

Team mentoring

Empower your team with our tailored mentoring programs. Cultivate skills, foster collaboration, and drive passion for your cause. Unlock your team's full potential.

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